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Pharmacist's Relief for Pharmacies in the states of Missouri, and Louisiana can be booked here.  Complete weeks are still available for vacation booking. Thank you for your confidence and continued support.  Mr. Anderson enjoys his work and has been providing full time relief services since July of 2006.  He has currently provided relief services for over 40 Pharmacies in three states.

Mr. Anderson offers  Community Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners in  Missouri, and Louisiana, dependable and convenient relief work for planned and unplanned events. Patrick works with your staff and customers to ensure a pleasant experience for them, while you are away.

This site was developed as a tool for Pharmacists to quickly find relief work when needed.  This site will provide information about Mr. Anderson, contact information, and the dates that he is available on the Scheduling page.   Patrick knows from experience that a Pharmacist may have difficulty finding relief when an emergency comes, when planning a vacation, or just having a day off.

Mr. Anderson will travel to any  Pharmacy location in Missouri, or Louisiana.  Look for additional general information on the Rates Page of this website.  Patrick will work with you on an individual basis regarding your specific needs and will provide free estimates at your request.

 Originally Licensed in Louisiana # 15891,  October 1995